Visitation Rights

It had been twelve years since I had left my parents and I found myself thinking about when if ever I would see them again. I imagined that I would be seeing a frail old man or old woman and suddenly realizing that they were my parents. This thought would lead me to call them up and ask if they were interested in talking. They thought about it and decided that they would allow this to happen.

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I’m so sorry, what a shock

Was the way I found out my Mother had died. This was the Facebook message from an old childhood friend to my husband’s page, a friend who had only recently reconnected with me after an over thirty year separation.

I knew immediately it was my Mother as I had, quite by coincidence, found out that my Father was dying. So the “shock” had to be in reference to her not him. His was pending, eighty days later as it turned out.

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World Cup 2010 Spain vs. Holland

The stage is set for the world cup final between Spain and Holland, our friends have arrived, the TV is on and the menu has been decided.

In honor of Holland we would start with Oliebollens, a delightful deep-fried fritter dusted with icing sugar. In honor of Spain, a Paella was ready to be prepared for dinner after the game.

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