Alberta Craft Year 2015 art exhibition

I and a group of artists are in the planning stages of an exhibition to honor Alberta’s “Year of Craft” in 2015. We will be working with the Alberta Craft Council and our local talent pool to showcase the amazing talent in our fair city of Calgary. The target date for this event will be September 11-13, 2015.

New fibre arts project “Sea Creatures”

I saw a picture on a calendar featuring undersea inhabitants, this one featuring a jellyfish. I thought this will make an excellent  3-dimensional work but how do I create the bulbous head emerging from the canvas? Engineering challenges are all part of the joy for me so off I went to put together some IV tubing and a thin wire and voila, the rest is all doable.

I have been gathering some suitable images to start this series in the fall where I look forward to watch how these beautiful creatures emerge from the canvas.