World Cup 2010 Spain vs. Holland

The stage is set for the world cup final between Spain and Holland, our friends have arrived, the TV is on and the menu has been decided.

In honor of Holland we would start with Oliebollens, a delightful deep-fried fritter dusted with icing sugar. In honor of Spain, a Paella was ready to be prepared for dinner after the game.

For drinks we would have Heineken, a bottle of Sangria de Toro for the Sangria and a bottle of Friexenet to celebrate the winner.

The game had just begun as I started to fry the Oliebollens. To test the temperature of the oil, I dropped a little dollop of batter into it. The batter started to sizzle and in went the first batch. Turning a lovely golden brown, I removed them to drain and dust with icing sugar. I decided to eat the little test batter as the cook’s treat. I raised it to my mouth and stopped to look at it. It had formed a very distinct shape; a little Bull!

Well, I don’t know about the Octopus and it’s predictions of a Spanish win but this was definitively a sign. If even the little Dutch fritter was showing us a Bull, it didn’t bode for them.

Well as we all know now, it did indeed turn out to be a victory for the Spanish team as my little Oliebollen Bull had predicted.

Spanish Bull