Romy’s Theory of Black Holes


February 24, 2009

Physicist’s predict that the universe must have at least six dimensions (if not ten) to make their mathematical theories work. X, Y, Z and time, two to six dimensions to go!

So, I got to thinking that space is like a quilt. Let’s use my fish quilt as an example: it has four layers of fabric. The fish scales are quilted through three layers, whereas the little fish designs go through all four. So when you turn the quilt over you see the fish and the rays of sunshine. So, how I see this applying to our universe is that what we see is the “fish” (the constellations) but through the layers of the other dimensions, maybe what lies beyond is what I see from the front of my quilt, a full rich picture that the back only hints at.

So where do the black holes come in you ask; well this is where my theory comes in. I theorize that the black holes (which exist at the center of most, if not all, of the visible galaxies) are actually the “quilting” points between the dimensions of space.

Hence, the idea behind this project; six sheer panels of fabric with the threads, filaments and clouds of gas weaving their way through some and all layers. Stars, black holes…

The black holes will be represented by a black wire and the stars will be rhinestone dots. The six panels will be mounted on a wooden frame painted black and it could be hung so that it can be seen from all sides.