Copper Shapes

My friend Connie had found an interesting four-sided trellis for growing roses in that was made using copper piping. Together we made one like it for her and a made a wall trellis for myself. I found the use of copper piping very intriguing and very flexible. It also resonated with my time as an Electrician using copper wiring so to use this medium in my art had to be explored.

I made a peony ring which got me thinking about shapes that I could place in the garden. So I did this series of shapes: Ponderosa Pine, Wheat, Palm Tree, Tulip, and Sunflower (upright and nodding). I also did a wall mounted piece that represented a branch with copper sheet leaves.

I have also done one branch of an apple tree using glass blobs as the apples. I hope to one day do an entire trees worth.