Getting a Handle on Life

Getting a Handle on Life (Oct. 29, 2013)

This past week, while Zaia has been out east, I’ve gathered a number of thoughts about life so far. Trying to put into perspective the death of my Mum and how my Dad is, in essence trying to “get a handle on life”. (the Tree of Life)

Then I receive the Lee Valley, hardware catalogue and I start to peruse through it and I see these cool handles. I think to myself that somehow I should be able to incorporate them into a future art project. Later that night, I wake up and this most wonderful idea comes to me; take a 6’ wooden log and arrange these various sized handles on it and call it “Getting a Handle on Life”.

So now I have been toying with how the handles would be placed, pointy side up or down, all over, large ascending to small on the way up. I think the way it will end up is in a serpentine pattern with large, medium and small handles pointing up, making sure to leave an equal amount of bare, stripped wood showing.

The handles are called “Libra” which ties in nicely to my desire to find “balance” in life. Libra also starts on Sept 22, I found out about Mommy’s death Sept 23.

The stain is paprika and the base is from our first booth at Autodesk’s convention (1993), so PRO-CAD is well represented in this piece.

I will also carve in a “Zaia loves Romy” heart.