Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius Mosaic

The class on mosaics started with doing a trivet and then for our second project a table top was suggested. I went to IKEA and bought a little patio table as the base but I would rather use it for a wall hanging than a table top.

Fish seemed to keep coming up in my design motif and it didn’t immediately dawn on me that I am Pisces, duh! Zaia is Aquarius so why not combine the two in the way our relationship works together; Zaia filling my sea with water so that I can thrive. Hence the “water-bearer” pouring the water in his jug into the sea I am swimming in.

Pisces is always represented by two opposing fish. During our trip to Portugal, I noticed a wall mosaic on a municipal building with two opposing fish but in this case they were head to head rather than tail to head.

This piece was quite challenging as I needed to use both wall and floor ceramic tile as well as glass tile to get the color palette. Each of these tiles had different depths so I had to build up the base to keep the finished surface level.