Assyrian Kings

Assyrian Wall Mural

This wall mural was based on a painted brick wall in “Fort Salmanasar”, Assyria, circa 858-821 BCE. The original was 291 cm x 407cm. My version is half that original size. The image was in a book we bought on our travels to Paris.

The imagery consists of two Assyrian Kings in the center panel exchanging gifts and a secret handshake (their thumb is between their index and middle finger). Above the Kings are a male and female cow with the Assyrian version of the “Tree of Life” (I think it is some form of date palm). There is cuneiform writing between these two panels.

The next arched ring is a symbol representing the moon. The next arch is the sun and again the moon. Then the outer arch has male and female sheep with the top of the “Tree of Life” between them.

Instead of painted brick, I used glass mosaic, about 25,000 pieces worth! It is in a project like this that took 7 months to complete, that you wish for minions like the greats who had their apprentices doing the repetitive tasks while they direct the grand design.

This project was also a test of my maturity as it had several points at which, in my younger days, I would have broken down and cried leaving it never to be finished. But this piece was going to be placed in a very special place and there was no option but to persevere and get it done.

It now resides in our oasis above the pool that is bordered with another mosaic tile runner reflecting a ceramic vase motive from the Assyrian past that I did as well. This oasis is where we come to reflect on our past and the future.